SLP Outreach Program

The I-I District Outreach Fund allows Kiwanis Clubs and Individuals to provide monetary support for our district leaders in Circle K, Key Club, and Aktion Club. These funds help our SLP District Officers, Lt Governors and Chairs by:

  • Providing assistance for travel around the district to clubs and district events
  • Promoting district communications (newsletters, websites, etc.) with members;
  • Supporting cost for District Board to attend International and District Conventions;
  • Assisting the cost of holding District Board meetings.

The Key Club, Circle K, and Aktion Club Administrators will provide each club who contributes to the respective outreach program with a personalized thank you letter in recognition of the club’s support.

For Kiwanis Clubs who do not sponsor a Service Leadership Club locally, making a contribution of at least $150 to the I-I District Outreach Fund for any of our SLP would fulfill the service category of “Sponsorship of SLP” toward the Distinguished Kiwanis Club award.

The I-I District Outreach Programs are specific to our District. Contributions must be: 

  • Made directly to the District and NOT to a local SLP Club.  
  • Sent to the I-I District Office and NOT to Kiwanis International.  

Since Circle K, Key Club, and Aktion Club are all separate legal entities with their own budgets and bank accounts, please have separate checks mailed to the I-I District Office for contributions to each of these organizations.

Checks should be made payable as listed below:

Outreach Designation forCheck Made PayableMemo Line to Read
Circle KI-I CKI DistrictCircle K Outreach
Key ClubI-I Key Club DistrictKey Club Outreach
Aktion ClubI-I DistrictAktion Club Outreach

Please mail the checks to the I-I District Office where all of the banking and bookkeeping is maintained for the SLP District organizations.

Illinois-Eastern Iowa District of Kiwanis International
P.O. Box 2279, Glen Ellyn, Illinois 60138
Phone: (618) 595-0277