KNRF Board Members

The members of the I-I District KNRF Board are listed below. The Board includes the officers of I-I District KNRF, as well as the Governor, Governor-Elect, and Immediate Past Governor of the I-I District.  Also included are three (3) Past Governors and three (3) Past Lieutenant Governors who serve staggered three (3) year terms.  Finally, the board includes non-voting members such as Dr. Rodger Elble, our Medical Director, as well as the Governors of I-I District Key Club and Circle K International.

Kiwanis Neuroscience Research Foundation
Board of Trustees


Executive Director (CEO): Ken Whitmore, Kiwanis Club of Alpine-Rockford, Div 12
President / Chairman of the Board: Larry Forsberg, Kiwanis Club of Sycamore, Div 14
Treasurer: Mark Petersen, Kiwanis Club of Moline, Div 17
Vice-President: Bob Wilton, Kiwanis Club of Peoria, Div 20
Governor: Tom Willis, Kiwanis Club of Addison, Div 9
Governor-Elect: Kim Groom, Kiwanis Club of Aurora, Div 21
Immediate Past Governor: Dustin Morrison, Kiwanis Club of Collinsville Sunrise, Div 31
Past Governor (1 year): Terry Cunefare, Kiwanis Club of Peoria, Div 20
Past Governor (2 year): Jim Rochford, Kiwanis Club of Peoria, Div 20
Past Governor (3 year): Angie Burford, Kiwanis Club of Kewanee, Div 17
Past Lt. Governor (1 year): Mary Zeronas, Kiwanis Club of Southwest Chicago, Div 4
Past Lt. Governor (2 year): Doug Fink, Kiwanis Club of Champaign-Urbana, Div 25
Past Lt. Governor (3 year): Bob Wilton, Kiwanis Club of Peoria, Div 20


Medical Director: Dr. Rodger Elble, SIU-Springfield
Secretary: Jea Nae Remala, Kiwanis Club of Sycamore, Div 14
Kiwanis District Interim Executive Director: Jill Haacke, Kiwanis Club of Springfield-Downtown, Div 28
Key Club Governor: Emma DeBaene (2023-24), Geneseo HS, Geneseo, IL
Circle K Governor: Nathan Bettis (2023-24), University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL

The I-I District KNRF Board of Directors typically meets twice a year, once in August after the I-I District convention and once again at the I-I District Mid-Year event.

If you are interested in serving on the board of I-I District KNRF, please contact the Past Lieutenant Governor Association (PLGA) if you are past lieutenant governor, or the Past Governors Association if you are a past governor.