KNRF Giving Opportunities

When presenting I-I District KNRF to a Kiwanis club or K-family group, typically two questions are asked at the start of the presentation:

1) Besides the Kiwanis family in the Illinois-Eastern Iowa District, who else supports the I-I District KNRF?

The answer is: “No one

2) If you had $1, would you give that dollar to a) find a cure for a disease, or b) find a way to improve the quality of life of a child or patient living with that disease?

The answer is: “That’s why we ask for $2, because some of our researchers are looking for cures and others on how to improve the quality of life of those afflicted with the disease.

The final take away from the presentation is that “The progress of our researchers is limited only by the dollars that we can give them.”

There are five (5) distinct opportunities to support I-I District KNRF.  The first two involve Kiwanis Clubs and K-family activities, and the last three are special recognitions.

1) KNRF-A-THONs:  Formally known as a “Bowl-A-Thons,” the name was changed with the advent of COVID to encourage Kiwanis Clubs and other K-Family members to “think outside the box” in order to raise monies to support I-I District KNRF.  The KNRF-A-Thon can be either a Kiwanis division event or an individual club event specifically to raise monies to support I-I District KNRF.  Awards are given at Kiwanis District Convention KNRF Luncheon to recognize those Divisions and Clubs that raised the most monies to support I-I District KNRF.

2) Parade of Love: The Parade of Love occurs at each I-I District KNRF Luncheon on the Saturday of the I-I District Convention.  As the name suggests, Kiwanis Clubs line up and parade in front of the crowd to announce their Club contribution to I-I District KNRF.  This Parade of Love happens at the end of the Luncheon, and the Luncheon includes one of the I-I District KNRF researchers presenting the focus of their studies.  Also during this luncheon, several Luis V. Amador Medallion awards (see below) are presented, typically surprising the award recipient.  This is an annual, emotionally moving experience.

The last three methods to support I-I District KNRF are special recognitions:

3) Dr Luis V Amador Medallion Award

4) Dr Rodger J Elble, MD Fellowship

5) Harry S Himmel Founders Society