Club Technology

Below is a summary of the various technologies available to Kiwanis Clubs.

Please contact Technology Chair Charlie Pikscher at [email protected] if you have any questions.


A detailed overview is available as a PDF. You can also access the December 2023 Kiwanis Conversations Video and Slides.

PortalBuzz and MemberDay

PortalBuzz a 3rd party service (ie, not affiliated with Kiwanis International) for hosting Kiwanis websites and for Member Management. It was discontinued February 29, 2024.

A new service was started by the founder (and former CTO of KI), Scott Smith, known as MemberDay. It is still a 3rd party service, but it has similar pricing and similar features to PortalBuzz.

Kiwanis Connect and Kiwanis Engage

Kiwanis Connect is primary used by our Club Secretaries for member management. More information can be found at Club Online Reporting.

Kiwanis Connect will be replaced by Kiwanis Engage, possibly in August 2024.

A comparison of Kiwanis Connect and Kiwanis Engage has been provided by KI here.

Kiwanis Sites

Kiwanis Sites a the free WordPress-based option that KI started offering clubs and divisions and districts in 2019. This offers clubs a free way to have their own website. It also has the ability to create powerful online forms that can also collect payments. More information can be found at Club Website.

A comparison of Kiwanis Sites and other website-hosting services has been provided by KI here.

(This website is hosted on Kiwanis Sites!)