Dr Luis V Amador Medallion Award

The Dr. Luis V. Amador Medallion Award is an award program within I-I District KNRF that allows a Kiwanis Divisional Council, District Board, Key Club, or Circle K Boards within the I-I District to extend special recognition and honor to an individual that has demonstrated outstanding service within their community.

Named after our founding Medical Director, Dr. Luis V. Amador, the Award is a Kiwanis Division award requiring the signature of the Division Lieutenant Governor to certify that the “…nomination was duly approved by a majority of the clubs within the division at a division council”. Every year, one (1) Amador Award is allocated to each Kiwanis Division for a total of thirty-three (33) Awards. The process starts with clubs in a division attending a division council meeting and suggesting potential recipients. Led by the Lt. Governor, the division council will then discuss and agree upon a nominee. The nomination form is then completed by the nominating club and signed by the Lt. Governor. The nomination requires a $500 donation to KNRF—in some divisions, all of the clubs contribute to pool funds to make up the $500, while in other divisions the club with the nominee provides the $500. Note that KNRF is an IRS 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so the $500 may be paid out of a club’s service account and not out of dues. The completed, signed nomination form, as well as the $500 check, are then mailed to the I-I District KNRF mailing address.  Please note that the deadline for all nomination forms to be received by I-I District KNRF is July 1st, each fiscal year, no exceptions. Award nomination forms will not be processed between July 2-September 30, each year.  Nominations received between July 2-September 30 will be processed and sent after October 1st. The form has a place to identify where the Amador Award will be presented to the recipient. Each year, the I–I District KNRF Luncheon is held at the I-I District Convention on Saturday, and many of the Amador Awards are presented at that time. A booklet is created and provided at the Foundation Luncheon that contains the recipients and a brief summary of their nomination. If a division wants to recognize more than one recipient, they can submit more than one nomination (each nomination requires a separate $500 check), but the Lt. Governor must note on the nomination forms which priority it is—number one, two, etc. After the July 1 deadline, if any division in the I-I District has not given their Amador Award, then the second nomination will be awarded. The first nomination package can be received/awarded between October 1-July 1 each fiscal year. The additional nomination package(s) must also be received by July 1st and can be awarded after District Convention.  The Lt. Governor will receive the additional Amador Medallion packages onsite at District Convention, to avoid shipping costs and damage to the awards.  Any additional Amador awards are granted first come-first available.  The funds from the Amador Awards are placed separately into an endowment account within I-I District KNRF, supporting the continued growth of the Kiwanis Neuroscience Research Foundation. Therefore, these funds should be given above and beyond what your clubs already budget and donate to the Kiwanis Neuroscience Research Foundation, our District’s FINEST PROJECT.


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