Club Donations

What annual donations should my club make? Where should I send donations?

Kiwanis Neuroscience Research Foundation (formally Spastic Paralysis Research Foundation), click here.

Annual Club Gift to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund (formally Kiwanis International Foundation), click here for ways to give. Make sure it is marked for AGC if that is your intention. Donations to Global Health Initiatives (such as the Iodine Global Network (previously known as IDD) and the Eliminate Program) are also sent to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund.

SLP (Circle K, Key Club, Aktion Club) Outreach, click here.

Governor’s Visit – It is customary to make a donation to the charity of the Governor’s choosing when they officially visit your Division.

Lt Governor’s Fund – Consider supporting your Lt Governor for going above and beyond to support your Club as a Kiwanis Leader. Monetary donations should be made from your General / Administrative Account.